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About Me

Fierce, dynamic, and captivating are a few of the words you will hear
used to describe the energy and work of Rebecca Germain. As a Speaker, Rebecca is known for delivering powerful messages of empowerment to small and large audiences alike. With a background in Business Management and over 16 years of experience in the Human Resources industry, Rebecca combines this
knowledge with her straight forward delivery to move audiences from places
of inactivity and procrastination towards success through action. With a
history of starting a successful girl’s group who toured around the country
taking on stages such as Madison Square Garden and BET’s Bobby Jones
Gospel, Rebecca is no stranger to the work, discipline, and focus needed to
take on one’s dream. This experience is central to her Executive Coaching
Programs where she works one on one with various professionals,
entertainers, and leaders to help them find and sustain purpose in the chaos
of everyday. As a mother of two, she often attracts audiences of women who are
ready to take their everyday roles of SHE as mothers, wives, daughters, and
leaders to new transformative heights and dimensions. Armed with her gift of
wisdom and discernment, Rebecca teaches and coaches across the Eastern
seaboard from New York City to Florida under her company She Leads,
where she serves as the Founder. She and her family serve and do life with
Christ Community Church in Miami, FL where she and her husband, Pastor
Jonathan Germain, serve as Senior Pastors.

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